In November of 2012, TSD Logistics will introduce 33 new trucks with the ability to haul a payload of 48,500 pounds per carbon black shipment. The new trucks will haul 13 percent more than the current payload. TSD will be partnering with select carbon black suppliers in the first phase of the Lightweight Initiative. Initially, the new trucks will be used for long haul deliveries.

The heavier payload will allow for delivering more materials with fewer trips. Fewer trips will reduce the company’s carbon footprint and save on fuel. The benefits to the customer are reduced unloading times and lower delivery costs. TSD plans to continue the second phase of the Lightweight Initiative in July of 2013 by adding additional new trucks to their fleet.

TSD offers diverse worldwide shipping services such as bulk transportation of raw materials, dedicated freight shipments, expedited logistics and complete freight management. TSD was established in 1980 in Texarkana, TX.

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