TSD Logistics, Inc. hosted an event on Saturday, Sept. 6 at their facility on Hampton Road in Texarkana, Texas. This was TSD’s second opportunity to host Watersprings Ranch for a summer event.

Watersprings Ranch, according to their website, “is a Christian based, long-term residential home for children” located in Texarkana, Ark. TSD has provided funds to help support the Ranch for many years.

Saturday’s event gave TSD a chance to hang out with kids and staff from the Ranch in a fun, informal way.

The event was from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Activities ranged from inflatables for the kids to door prizes for the adults. Big Jake’s Bar-B-Que catered lunch. A fishing tournament also allowed for some friendly competition between the kids.

Family, friends, staff and vendors of TSD were invited to the event, and around 120 people came in support of TSD and Watersprings Ranch.

For more information on Watersprings Ranch you can visit their website at watersprings.com.

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