TSD celebrates first driver to reach 3 million safe miles 

Since 1996 Ronald Elizondo has been behind the wheel of a TSD truck, delivering raw materials to most every tire manufacturing plant in the US. While twenty-four years with the same trucking company is certainly rare, it’s not Ron’s most distinguishable characteristic.
During his long tenure with TSD Ron has driven over 3 million miles without a single accident or incident.  No wrecks, no fender benders, no clipped light poles… nothing. To put this into perspective, this would be the equivalent of making almost 1,100 trips from NYC to Los Angeles with all the construction, weather and traffic that comes with it, and doing it all without so much as a door ding.  Our Chairman, Bruce Whitehead recently said it best when he described Ron’s achievement as ‘superhuman.’
If you asked Ron, he’d tell you he’s just doing his job, but we all know that it takes a very intentional effort, every day on every load to reach such a milestone.  Congratulations Ron, on an amazing accomplishment!

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