Welcome to your driver portal! Here you can find any up-to-date information that affects drivers: current updates from plants, DOT regulation changes or hours of service changes. We also have information about Marketplace Chaplains and our Driver Council. If you have any questions, feel free to call our corporate office at (903) 794-1423.

Driver Council

The Driver Council was created as a liaison between the corporate office and driver team. Members of the council also serve as mentors for new drivers, offering support, information about the company and help with customer locations. If you have any questions you feel could best be answered by another driver, feel free to contact any of the members. For more information on the Driver Council please contact the Safety Department. If you are interested in participating in the council, contact Angela Jones, Director of H.R. & Safety, by email at ajones@tsdinc.com or by calling her direct line at (903) 831-8939.

  • Jason Turney – Oklahoma
  • Sean Sharp – Illinois
  • Regina Paradise – Tennessee
  • Mark Coston – Arkansas
  • Gary Williams – Texas

Marketplace Chaplains

John Lindsey, Marketplace Chaplains


Marketplace Chaplains has served TSD Logistics for more than 10 years. Our chaplain, John Lindsey, visits the corporate office regularly and is available 24/7 to any employee and immediate family members if needed. If you need to get in touch with John, you can do so anytime through the contact information below.

To learn more about Marketplace Chaplains and how they serve our company, read their brochure.

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