At TSD Logistics, safety begins at the top. Our CEO develops a relationship with every driver, beginning at orientation. Our executive team fully supports the efforts of the human resources and safety departments to make safety a top priority. Our company’s strict hiring requirements are reflected in the quality of our drivers. We believe hiring the best drivers helps to ensure their safety as well as the safety of those who share the road with them.

Why Safety is Important to Us

Safety is an extension of our core values. We strive to do the right thing and to operate our company with excellence by upholding the highest standards of safety. Without quality drivers, our company would not thrive or even survive. We want our drivers to be safe and know we are taking good care of them – on and off the road.

How We Ensure Safety

  • Continual safety training to keep our drivers well informed of all new DOT changes and provided with the latest training material.
  • Trucks equipped with DriveCam cameras and PeopleNet systems for our drivers’ safety and communication.
  • Driver Council assistance for new hires who are learning the ropes and need answers for questions that arise.
  • Recognition of our drivers for their milestone achievements and with Safe Performance and MPG bonuses. (TSD currently has 16 One Million Mile and four Two Million Mile drivers.)
  • An annual driver turnover of 25%, compared to the national average of 100%, translates into more tenured and knowledgeable drivers to safely deliver each load.
  • 24/7 availability from safety and maintenance teams who have an average of 19 years of transportation experience to help handle accidents and keep up with governmental regulations.
  • Twice as many inspections on our equipment than are required by DOT to protect our drivers and everyone else on the road.
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