Honoring God

Living Christ’s example of loving God and loving others by doing the right thing for our:

  • Fellow Workers – TSD is intentional about investing in the lives of our drivers and staff by offering programs that educate, train, develop and equip them to excel in their personal, spiritual, financial and professional lives.
  • Customers & Vendors – TSD earns the trust of our customers and vendors by always telling the truth, regardless of the consequences. We seek to establish long-term relationships based on mutual respect and world-class service.
  • Community – TSD is a responsible neighbor with a proactive approach to community involvement. We invest in people beyond our office walls and into the lives of those we interact with on a daily basis.

Operational Excellence

Having the right people, with the best tools and training, providing the best customer service and getting the best results.

TSD Team Members will be:

  • On board with our culture and focus on People, Relationships and Results
  • Dedicated to providing World-Class Customer Service
  • Committed to their role on the team and contribute to the greater good
  • Strive to be the industry’s top expert in their specific role
  • Eager to learn and grow no matter their tenure or experience
  • Willing and able to openly discuss problems or difficult issues
  • Committed to a ‘Drama-Free’ work environment where team members help and encourage each other
  • Accountable for taking action and producing desired results

Financial Stability

Having the ability to thrive in good times and bad.

  • TSD is committed to maintaining an economically stable work environment where our people are afforded the opportunity for financial security through long-term career paths, including the ability for advancement within the company. By focusing on corporate, long-term NIBT goals, our people will ensure both personal and corporate financial stability through results-based incentive programs.
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